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How are YOU helping a child in your community by being a sponsor?

Welcome Baby: Volunteers and staff provide support to first-time parents at Forsyth Medical Center and in their homes. Welcome Baby Warmline provides 24-hour telephone counseling for parents with questions and concerns related to taking care of their babies. Postpartum services and referrals available.

Supervised Visitation: Safe supervision of parents to visit the children who are in the midst of divorce, DSS custody or impacted by 50B protection plan.

Respite Care Program: Immediate placement of children with collaborating agencies to reduce the potential for abuse.

Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS): Home visitation intervention with DSS, DJJ, and MH referred families to prevent out of home placement of children.

Mother's Community Connection: Weekly get-together for mothers that have received services in the past or who need ongoing support.

Children's Parents: 12-week parenting classes for parents at risk of abuse or neglect. Referrals by court order, professionals, or families.

Parent Aide: Intensive home-based intervention using volunteer Parent Aides with at-risk or families involved in child abuse or neglect.

Parents/Teen Solutions: This is a program for parents and teens from 13-17 years old, offered to improve parent/teen relationships by opening up lines of communication. Parents and teens work together as a group to enhance participants overall functioning within their home, school or community.

Fathers Matter: Six-Week Class for Fathers of Children Ages 0-2. Participants will learn: Basic childcare skills. What it means to be a Father, how to develop healthy relationships, how to improve physical & mental health. Case management.

Systemic Treatment after Sexual Abuse for Families (STA SAFE): Family intervention for sexual abuse including victims, siblings, parents/partners and offenders. Risk assessment for abuse-reactive children, up to 18 years of age and offenders both male and female.

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