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Parent Aide
Intensive home based intervention using paid and volunteer parent aides with at risk families and families already involved in child abuse and neglect. Volunteer parent aides spend an average of 13 months with an intensity of twice per week with case management helping each family.

Parent/Teen Support Groups
A weekly program offered to improve relations between teens and their parents by opening up the lines of communication. Parent and teens work together as a group to enhance participants overall functioning within their home, school or professionals.

Supervised Visitation
Safe supervision of parents to visit the children who are in the midst of divorce, DSS custody, or are impacted by 50B protection plan.

Children's Parents
12 week parenting classes for parents at risk of abuse or neglect. Referrals by court order, professionals, or families.

Telephone Counseling
Our 24 hour a day telephone line is always there when individuals or families need it. We give parents a way to reach out for help instead of hitting their child.

Intensive Family Preservation
Home visitation intervention with referred families to prevent out of home placement of children. Services include: family assessment, intensive family and individual counseling, client advocacy, case management, development and enhancement of parenting skills, and referral to other services as appropriate.

Systematic Treatment After Sexual Abuse for Everyone
Family intervention for sexual abuse including victims, siblings, and parent/partners. Risk assessment for abuse-reactive children and offenders both male and female. STA SAFE has weekly intensive group therapy for male sexual offenders, average treatment period is two to five years.

Mother's Community Connection
Weekly get-togethers for mothers who have received services in the past or who need ongoing support in order to break isolation. *Offered in Forsyth location.

Family Counseling
For various combinations of family members throughout treatment as needed to facilitate family unit and individual family member treatment goal and in preparation for family reunification.

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